what is the dufference between a netbook and a notebook?

This may sound like a stupid question but, what is a laptop called these days. is it a netbook. I’m totally confused.

NOTEbook are Desktop replacement. Which is bigger yet portable. NOTEbook you can do any as a normal computer/Desktop can do.

NETbook are built only on Internet, MP3, and other small program use. Not suggest to use as heavy as Laptop usage. Very ultra-portable yet not as powerful as Laptop.

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What defined your transition from boy to man / girl to woman?

I think I’m going through this stage right now. Sadly, it’s taken me 27 years to do so.. My excuse: I have traveled around the world for years after graduation and am just finish my degree now, so I’ve always been a dependant on mom and dad and the gov. to survive. My jobs have been everything to oil rigs to burger flipping to hardware store to research and writing.

But! recently, I’ve been doing some seriously ‘grown up’ type work, where I’m in communication with a lot of powerful people in the community – all of whom seem to impressed by my work and are really supportive of what I’m doing. I feel a strong confidence overtaking me. I just stood up in front of a council meeting that had representatives from all departments / sectors of the city and I barely stuttered once and projected my voice well. I have always hated public speaking, but that was comfortable for me. I will be going on the TV and radio soon to promote the events that I’ve been planning and I’m not scared like I was initially to do so. I’m certain, now, that I belong in a professional position that demands this kind of confidence and communication skills. Getting excited about my soon-to-be career. Feeling ‘up’! I guess this is my boy to man moment… maybe there are more?.. actually, I’m sure of it. I think this is called personal development.

Just curious to hear others’ experiences.

I have D.I.D and have many child alters its hard for me to feel grown up even though i have real life children and grandchildren – I have a very girly voice and people mistake me for a child on the phone so not many people actually treat me as a grown up – ( I have 2 degrees and have led a fairly full life but it doesn’t seem real or of consequence but I feel grown up strangely when I manage to have cynical thoughts. So the dawn of lack of trust in state institutions stopping giving out to peopel in white coats or bank managers etc. makes me feel grown up. (65 years old and just getting there)

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Does a Notebook and a Laptop use the same parts?

I have a G60-535DX HP Laptop (that I believe is an HP Pavillion). My battery, as well as my charger, have recently quit on me after a few years of use, as expected. I have recently purchased a new battery, but now I’m on the hunt for a new charger. Seeing as I’m a teenage girl with little to no knowledge about this topic, this search has been difficult. Several options I see on the internet say "G60-535DX Notebook Adapter" but I don’t believe I have the notebook, I have a regular sized laptop. Let’s say I purchase this notebook adapter. Because it’s the same model, will it fit my laptop? Or will it be different because the apparent size difference between a notebook and laptop computer? Would it be a good idea to spend the extra money and get a genuine HP replacement charger? Or are there any good online chargers for cheaper? Help!

If you own a HP lappy then go to the HP store to get the new charger. I will warn you they are not cheap but you will be safer buying one from them.


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What is the best portable hard drive brand?

My dad will buy me a portable hard drive as a present this october, and he’s telling me what brand do you like. he suggested toshiba or Transcend brand, because his friend said that those brands are not easy to be broken. Maybe you guys can suggest what’s the best brand to buy between this two brands or other brands. Thank You

go with WD. its pretty good. price may little higher then Seagate, Trancend. its really worth buying.

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Can I rig my ps2 steering wheel to fit my Xbox?

Can I hardware an Xbox controller to the end of the ps2? Or is there an adapter?

Quick answer is no. Sorry
They both require and have completely different hardware to the point it is basically impossible.
Just buy one for 20-60$ I am sure you can find a good price on one!

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What 17 Engineering disciplines is my instuctor talking about?

I know there are more than 17 engineering disciplines, but is there a list of the 17 most common ones? I copied the list in my notes, but I missed the last two for some reason. It is important that I know what those last two are.

The list goes as follows:
1. Aerospace
2. Agricultural
3. Biomedical
4. Chemical
5. Civil
6. Computer Hardware
7. Electrical
8. Electronic
9. Environmental
10. Health and Safety
11. Industrial
12. Marine and Ocean
13. Material
14. Mechanical
15. Software

I know this is a stupid question, but if you can give me a good answer, you will be my personal Jesus!

No thanks on the jesus thing; but try this:
Genetic Engineering, and Traffic Engineering.

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Is there a method of forensic analysis to determine if computer hardware is new or used?

Is there a method of forensic analysis to determine if computer hardware is new or has been in use for months for thousands of hours. I am referring electrical parts on a motherboard, and not mechanical like a hard drive.

Heat will affect some components, causing discolouration.
dirt is deposited on others from the cooling fan. Good cleaning could remove it, though.

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What laptop should I buy for video editing?

So I have been looking around forever at different laptops and comparing prices. However, every website/forum I have looked at has suggested different ones so I’m confused as to what to buy. What I really want to know is what laptop I should buy for video editing. This is for Christmas when I have saved enough money. I am thinking of starting a youtube channel so I want to know what would be the best laptop (preferably under £600) to do this. I have been looking at an acer e1 series which boasts an i7 processor, 6gb ram, 500gb hdd and windows 8. The other is an hp envy m6 which has amd a8 elite quad core with 8gb ram, 1tb hdd and beats audio. Can someone please tell me if these laptops are good for video editing and if not which ones are? And also what to look for in a laptop for video editing i.e. RAM, graphics, processor speed etc.? Thank you it will be very much obliged icon smile What laptop should I buy for video editing?

The laptops you have listed above are more than capable of editing 1080p videos.

For your optimum baseline specs:
- 3rd generation full voltage Core i5 OR an ultraportable ULV Core i7 processor (or an AMD equivalent)*
- 4 GB RAM
- 500 GB drive, or larger
- nVidia or ATI discrette graphics card (optional but recommended)

*almost all 35 watt Core i5 CPUs have a clockspeed above 2 GHz. But if your planning to buy an ultra-portable, it is best to opt for whatever 3rd or 4th gen Core i7 CPU they have to offer.

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What ultrabook should I buy?

I’m buying this laptop for college and it will be mainly used for writing in that sense but I use my computer for at least 6 hours a day running multiple things at once because my computer is like a best friend to me. Here are the two:

Toshiba satellite ultrabook 14” $699
6gb memory
500 gb hard drive
i5 fourth gen
metal exterior two different types of metal where keyboard is and touch pad. except bottom is soft touch plastic
3 cell battery
2 usb 3.0
1 usb 2.0
4.6 lbs
.8” thin
High-definition widescreen LED-backlit TFT touch screen with TruBrite technology (1366 x 768)
backlit keyboard

Lenovo IdeaPad ultrabook 14” $699
4gb memory
500 gb hard drive
i5 fourth gen
All metal exterior no change in metal in any spot. Bottom is full metal
4 cell battery
1 usb 3.0
2 usb 2.0
4.2 lbs
High-definition LED-backlit 10-point multitouch (1600 x 900)
back lit keyboard

The lenovo is much more physically appealing and is lighter which is important, it also has a higher res screen. However the Toshiba has more 3.0 ports which is also important and has a greater memory of 6gb. Also from the people i have talked to some say Toshiba is better just because its a more known brand others say lanovo because its better especially compared to Toshibas’ terrible tech support. Also battery life is very important but i dont know what it is for either of them, i could guess the number of cells in each tells which is longer but i dont know. What would you pick? they’re the same price.

please, forgive me if iam wrong.

before i answer your question. i have same question for you.

- What for?

1. Design graphic or Gaming
Afaik i give you recommend to choose the first your opinion. TSB.
more power full better than LNV

2. Multimedia, style and net (just for Fun)
Afaik i give you recommend to choose the first your opinion. LNV

For life time battery lenovo has more long time
Battery Life and Cycle more better than TSB
Battery Maintenance easy service same like TSB
Extending Battery Life more than TSB

I Hope this answer can help your opinion

Happy day for you and good luck


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Why won’t my Sony digital camera does not allow me to upload the recorded photos to my laptop computer?

I have a MPEGMOvieHQ Digital still camera by Sony (DSC-S70). When I attempt to upload it on an older laptop it easily maneuvers me through the process of looking and uploading those recorded photos from my camera to that laptop. But, when I attempt this with a newer HP laptop with Windows 8, it does not do the same thing. I tried to find these pictures via documents. I have had no luck in finding anything close. Could anyone help me figure out how to find the pictures and whether or not there is a problem. Thank you.

You have to ask nicely.

Use a cheap USB card reader to connect the camera’s memory card directly to the computer’s USB slot. When recognized, use Windows Explorer to do the copying for absolute total control over what goes where exactly. This method eliminates all camera to computer connection problems even with the highly arrogant Windows 8.

If you still experience problems, the only suspect would be the memory card. It would be best to copy everything from the card to the older computer and use a USB drive to transfer to the newer one. Replace the failing memory card at once.

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